The Trout That Was Never There.

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I have to start off by saying, while we caught a lot of nice fish this year, rarely did we get the "shot" on video. Regardless, this is a pretty hilarious story of a time we actually had cameras rolling. We had planned for about a year to shoot some footage on a part of the bow river that rarely sees drift boats, and to get to some fish that otherwise wouldn't see streamers presented in a manor that elicited an aggressive/feeding response. I had done this float about a half dozen times leading up until this shoot, and those previous days had always been "good". The year of the floods, we saw enough good fish to warrant the interest in trying to shoot a video. Post flood, we really did see quite a few big fish chase streamers off the banks, but rarely would this result in a hook up. We landed a few fish in the 18-20" range, and one that was in the low twenties, but you never really think those numbers through when you're seeing all these fish come charging to the boat, only to turn and peel off at the last section. So planning the video this year, expectations were set just a bit too high. 

Now in our defense, we did put a couple fish on camera, but nothing "big", only respectable 14-20" trout. But I think in the 5 full days we floated in hopes of putting some big fish on camera, I would think we landed 5-6 fish. If that. That being said, we dont count rainbows, we did see way more on average then usual and we believe the reason behind that is, the bigger territorial browns were displaced in the floods, and not sitting in that near bank structure like they should be, and it led to their spots being temporarily "occupied" by rainbows this year... at least we hope this is a temporary thing. Typically on this drift, we can almost be assured of a couple fish at different spots through the float. Rarely did that happen after run off this year, which left us scratching our heads. Perhaps it was just a couple off days, but 3 days in a row... we all felt like we were being kicked while we were down. 

We have a spot along the float that we've dubbed the "lunch spot". Its too convenient, you hop up out of the boat, walk up the pedway, and you're at a good little cafe, pizza restaurant or 7eleven in about 5 minutes. After doing the cafe a couple days, we were all getting sick of it, so we opted for lunch at 7eleven (yum 7eleven sushi and hotdogs). As we pulled out near the 7eleven, theres a little storm drain that rarely did we see any action on any other drifts. But on our way up, I watched as something 2 feet plus pushed water, and swam slowly around the out flow, and with the limited visibility none of us thought this would be any other fish then a trout, just because big trout typically claim these high nutrient, clean water flows for themselves. We were amped. 

After getting lunch, and calming down about the potential 2 foot trout that lay in wait (that definitely never saw us), we got things set up on this drain. Cameras were rolling and the "trout" would cycle in and out of the drain and come out from underneath the cement ledge. Our first thought, was hitting this fish with a dry, just because in this shaded spot, with no flow, right around stone fly time, it would be the easiest and most effective way to drop a cast in this hole that might have been 5 feet wide by 3 feet deep. Well after about 4 casts and no movement from this fish, even with a potential botched attempt that should have spooked any "trout" away within 1 km radius. We opted to rest the fish, and come at him with a streamer from a different angle. Maybe a dry fly just wasn't his thing, maybe he was too full from eating earthworms. But, I thought I could at least get some aggression out of him with a potential intruder coming into his lair. By the time the dry fly attempt had ended in failure, almost 30 Minutes had passed.

So we get the cameras set back up in position after resting this "trout" hoping to have this all go down the way we hoped. We thought and hoped that the trout would erupt from the tiny piece of water as this streamer went through. So, on the count of three, we commenced this second mission. First pass through... nothing, which was weird, normally you'd see a trout freak out in this scenario. Second pass, I threw the cone head streamer right into his slot and let it sink. On my second strip the line came tight. Water exploded, and then line went limp. I was rattled and heart broken. All of that effort just for that "trout" to send me home crying. I could see the disappointment in everyones eyes. After almost having a mental breakdown, I decided to talk a walk up this drain and see what the hell it was because it was real heavy, there's no way it escaped, and because it was trapped. As I started walking up this storm drain, nothing moved, I got to exactly where this fish had been sitting....

Only to have a shit load of suckers explode and freak out. Great. We just wasted about an hours time on suckers. Awesome. 

I was a little bit rattled.