Bucket List Fish and Flying South

The thermometer here now reads -21 degrees celsius, for our american friends thats about 1 degree fahrenheit. Not only is it that cold (In reality it could be much colder) but we also have almost a full foot of snow thats fallen in the last 24 hours. Yes, yes, not nearly as bad as everyone over in New york, but still, winter has a firm grip here and things wont get any better for another 5 months at least. 

Enough of the complaining though. In about 72 hours, we're hopping aboard a Boeing 737 and leaving the north pole. If you looked on a map, We're travelling from one extremity to the other. If you drew a diagonal line from the far NW to almost the far SE you would be able to see our trajectory pretty clearly. From Edmonton, Alberta to Fort Myers, Florida, we have about an 8-13 hour time gap between snow and terrible drivers to the everglades and Redfish. 

What does that tell you? Well, personally I've had redfish on my mind and my bucket list since my first trip to florida, and at the time, I couldn't cast "accurately" to save my life. This was about 5 years ago before fly fishing seriously took over my life. That year we had 2 guided trips that were complete busts. Its an extremely frustrating experience having snook refuse to eat even when the few casts I did make were good enough, and on the same day, coming up on a flat full of redfish, orange/copper bodies shimmering in the sunlight, that had zero interest in the Pearl Gotcha's our guide insisted we used. It sounds like I'm putting a lot of blame on the guide, but now knowing, like any fishery, timing is everything, and spring break (march) is not the time to be expecting much. 

Fast forward to this year. I've had this trip lined up for just over a year now. This was supposed to happen last december, but work got in the way. This all kind of came together through Instagram actually. I had seen a few video shorts and some top notch photography come out of SW Florida on multiple occasions. After digging a little deeper into the mastermind behind all the mind blowing media, I connected with a pretty rad dude who lives 20 minutes from the place our grand parents live in Fort Myers. After a few emails back and forth, the talk about getting together to fish became a reality. Although plans never worked out last year, things came together this year after squirrelling away the pennies of what we had left into our pathetic bank accounts.  

Enter Patrick Rhea, a dude who's interests are similar to ours, loves being out on the water, making highlight reel videos and piercing fish lip all day long. The only real difference between us, is he gets to do it year round, and we only get 5-6 months the year before we're rock solid and nipples deep in snow. Call me jealous. We're hoping to finally get the last of our footage for the year, and get started on putting together our only video of the year, from a year that looked like it was full of promise. 

Here's hoping our feeds will be full of Redfish, Snook, Jacks, Bass, and a shark or two over the next couple of weeks. January is probably the time line to see some of the nasty footage we did get this year, so stay tuned. 

Patrick's Videos and Media can be see here -----> Livit Films