Jeremie Roy

Growing up in Edmonton, Alberta, It was always tough to find quality fly fishing near by. At the young age of 7, I had a fly rod put in my hand by my father, and from there, things really took off. I spent almost every weekend of my summers out fly fishing with dad in my younger years, but as soon as I could get myself around, I found myself reaching for my trout kit more often then "normal" activities a teenager might do. I spent most of my younger years fishing in the mountains and foothills for Brook trout, Cutthroat Trout, and Rainbow Trout. My obsession for Bull trout started when the first one pulled a cutthroat off my line, and swam angrily back on its way to the depths. Ever since I have had an addiction of throwing 9-12" flies to potential 2 and a half foot long fish. Bull trout take you into places most people will never see in their lives. However, I will chase pretty much any fish that will try to eat one another. I've been pretty well around everywhere in western Canada. Into the Northwest territories, all around Alberta, Vancouver Island and Mainland BC, even the Yukon for a helicopter trip into the fabled Taku system. 

I'm currently studying Natural Resource Management at the University of Northern British Columbia, and guiding through the summers. I spend a lot of the time that I should be studying, researching potential fishing trips, and compiling vast amounts of intel, imagery and fishiness that you see proudly produced in our media. Being in northern British Columbia has allowed me opportunities to experience being bitten by the Steelhead bug, and between Steelhead, Bulls, and big angry trout, I find myself more obsessed with Fly Fishing than ever.

Original Adipose Fly Fishing Creator/Founder.