Justin Hodgson

I have been fly fishing for 3 summers now, getting my start with a shitty Canadian tire rod and a pack of flies that didn’t look anything remotely like a fly I would fish today. I had always fished growing up, chucking worms under a bobber for stockers, but once I experienced my first real fly fishing trip to a cutthroat canyon, I knew I would never go back. Where I grew up there wasn’t much to do besides go to Wal-Mart and party; neither of these two I was overly interested in. When my friends were buying beer, I’d be buying flies, when they would party all night, I would watch YouTube videos on basically anything fly related. I would say my favourite fish to catch would be bull trout; anything that will eat a fly with two 2/0 hooks and an 80mm big game shank that you created just leaves a lasting impression on a guy. I love tying 9-12” streamers and pretty much have become a snob in the tying aspect to this game towards anything with teeth. Wrapping up, I want this website to be a method to show you what fishing really means to us and maybe inspire you to pursue what you love, whether that be fishing or not.

Adipose Team Member Since 2014